[Numbers] The number of connected consumers in Southeast Asia has doubled in one year

by bold-lichterman

  • There is 200 million connected consumers in Southeast Asia, according to Bain data. This is twice as much as a year ago.

  • The digital economy generates over $ 50 billion in revenue In the region.

The economy of Southeast Asian countries is booming, and digital is one of the big winners. The number of Internet users who have bought online has indeed doubled in the region in the space of a year, reaching 200 million people at the end of 2016, according to data from the consultancy firm Bain.

In total, the digital economy has generated more than $ 50 billion in revenue in the various countries of the region, with Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam in the lead. In terms of business sectors, tourism and travel represent the largest market share, with $ 22 billion in revenue over the year (40% of the total). E-commerce, which generated $ 15 billion in revenue in 2016, comes in second (30% of global revenue).

The potential for digital development in Southeast Asia is enormous, considering that just over half of the population (53%) currently use the Internet, and that this figure is growing very rapidly. . The number of active Internet users increased by 30% between January 2016 and January 2017, according to We Are Social data. And the latter are particularly fond of social networks: at the beginning of 2017, there were indeed almost as many active Internet users as active users on a social network, according to We Are Social. The consultancy firm Bain counts 300 million people equipped with a smartphone in the region. 85% of them say they connect several times a day on social networks.

Source: Today Online, We Are Social

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