[NUMBERS] The connected speakers market grew by 278% in the first quarter

by bold-lichterman

Apple would have sold around 600,000 HomePod smart speakers during the first quarter of 2018. This is in any case what Strategy Analytics advances in its new report – and even if HomePod was generally only available from of February 9, it is objectively little compared to the competition. Apple thus captures barely 6% of a booming global smart speaker market, largely behind Amazon and Google. Overall, 9.2 million speakers were shipped in the first quarter, thus registering a growth of 278% compared to last year, benefiting in particular from the emergence of the product on the Chinese market.

A market 70% owned by Amazon and Google

Amazon shipped some 4 million Echo smart speakers in the quarter, up 100% from last year, while Google shipped around 2.4 million speakers, registering over 700% growth over the period for Google Home. Alibaba is also ahead of Apple with 700,000 units sold, while Xiaomi has sold 200,000.

NUMBERS The connected speakers market grew by 278 in the
Source: Strategy Analytics

In terms of shares, Amazon occupies 43.6% of the market, and Google goes up to 26.5%. The two giants therefore claim more than 70% of the market. Even though Amazon’s market share has fallen compared to last year, in particular due to Google’s sales boom and new entrants like Alibaba or Xiaomi, Jeff Bezos’ firm remains by far the leading supplier of smart speakers. in the world.

Apple lagging behind

Google and Amazon have the competitive advantage of offering a range of products at varying prices. A connected speaker Google Home costs 129 dollars (129 euros in France), or 49 dollars (49 euros) for its mini version. Amazon Echo has a $ 99 tag, and Echo Dot is accessible from $ 49. Apple only offers one version of its $ 349 HomePod, however, focusing on premium audio quality. The Cupertino firm, however, is lagging behind in the field now commonly accepted, to the point of having recently poached John Giannandrea, former head of Google’s artificial intelligence research.