[Numbers] The champion country of female entrepreneurship is …

by bold-lichterman

  • United States (71 points)

  • Canada (69 points)

  • Australia (69 points)

  • Sweden (68 points)

  • United Kingdom (65 points)

  • France (62 points)

  • Germany (61 points)

  • Poland (59 points)

  • Chile (51 points)

  • Japan, Spain and Jamaica (49 points)

The study “Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard»Orchestrated by Ruta Aidis for Dell in 2015, was conducted among 31 countries to understand in which country women entrepreneurs are most likely to succeed. The ranking was carried out on the basis of various criteria: the entrepreneurial environment, access to the profession for women, leadership and women’s rights, the female entrepreneurial ecosystem and the proportion of start-ups led by women.

The researcher then established a ranking where each country is noted by point. The first place is occupied by the United States with 71 points, France comes sixth with 62 points. The leading European country is Sweden with a result of 68 points.

France tops the ranking for the criterion “access to the profession for women”. It is also one of the few countries to have nearly 30% of women in a management team.

According to a study by INSEE, in 2016, 554,000 businesses were created in France, an increase of 6% compared to 2015. Among business creators, 40% were women. They are 73% to have created a business in human health and social action and 67% in services related to households.

sources: Dell, INSEE

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