[NUMBERS] North America: Mobile shipments hit their lowest level in 5 years

by bold-lichterman

Deliveries of smartphones reached their lowest level in five years in North America in the first quarter of 2019. While manufacturers still seem confident, focusing in particular on technological innovations, such as foldable phones or even 5G, the market is showing signs of improvement. strong signs of slowdowns.

The number of deliveries fell by 18% in the first quarter compared to the same period last year, from 44.4 million units to 36.4 million, according to figures from the analysis firm Canalys. In particular, the lack of performance of Apple and the absence of ZTE.

Apple: models not differentiating enough

Despite the lack of results and a 19% decline in shipments in the region, Apple maintains its leadership position. The Apple brand delivered 14.6 million iPhones during the quarter and holds 40% of the North American market.

Discounts offered by carriers and retailers on older models, like the iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, along with the growing reliance on trade-in promotions for the old device, have helped the brand, but this was not enough to offset the drop in iPhone shipments in the first quarter ”, explains Canalys. For the analysis firm, “lThe main challenge over the next few months remains that its latest iPhones just aren’t different enough, although new ones are expected to arrive. To improve performance in 2020, Apple will need to focus on radical new features that are most likely to impress consumers .

ZTE, Google, OnePlus … the competition is set to intensify

Samsung, for its part, has kept its n ° 2 position by holding 29% of the market in the 1st quarter, nibbling a few places, since the brand held 23% over the same period of last year. The South Korean was able to take advantage of the advanced launch of the S10 and more than doubled deliveries of its S9 model. “Samsung has brought real differentiation to its Galaxy S10 devices», Estimates Vincent Thiekle, research analyst for Canalys. To see if the technical failures observed on the foldable smartphones of the brand, which has consequently decided to postpone their launch, does not spoil its image with repercussions on future sales.

And the competition should increase in the coming months. The brand “will be under pressure later in 2019, as other vendors, such as OnePlus, follow suit with new features, as Google begins to develop new channels and price ranges, and ZTE attempts to restore its presence in the affordable price segment», Notes Canalys.

Regarding the rest of the ranking, LG, Lenovo and Chinese TCL (parent company of Alcatel and BlackBerry) occupy 3rd, 4th and 5th place respectively.