[Numbers] Long-format videos, the most viewed on mobile in the first quarter

by bold-lichterman

  • Sure smartphone, more than 50% of the time spent to watch videos concerns long formats, that is to say videos that are longer than 20 minutes.

  • Sure Pc, this proportion increases to 65%.

  • Sure Tablet, more than 75% of the time spent watching videos relates to these formats.

  • Sure connected television, they represent more than 90% of time spent.

Ooyala data

Long videos, which last 20 minutes or more, are the most watched videos online, regardless of the type of device considered, according to the latest edition of “Global Video Index»Directed by Ooyala. Specifically, more than half of the time spent watching videos on a smartphone is related to this type of video, while short videos (which are less than 5 minutes), represent about a third of the time.

On the computer, not surprisingly, the gap is widening between the two formats: 65% of the time spent watching videos concerns long videos, with short videos only accounting for a quarter of the time. On tablets and connected television, the proportion of time spent watching videos longer than 20 minutes is well over 75%.


More generally, the mobile largely surpasses the computer when it comes to watching videos online, in all formats. In all of the geographic areas covered by the report, more than half of the videos viewed in the last quarter of 2016 were viewed on smartphones or tablets. In Asia Pacific and Latin America, where the smartphone alone surpasses the computer, this proportion is even close to 60%.

Finally, if the computer and smartphone are mainly used during the day, with a peak around noon, tablets are used early in the morning, upon waking, and in the evening, with a peak at 11 p.m.

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