[Numbers] JD.com replaces 180 people with robots

by bold-lichterman

The Chinese e-commerce site JD.com announced the opening of its first fully automated sorting center. Located in Kunshan, near Shanghai, the warehouse’s machines and robots will handle the 9,000 orders placed every hour.

Here’s how it works with the company’s explanations: “Once the packages are removed from the trucks on one side of the warehouse, they are loaded onto a complex network of automated machines, where automated conveyors, which move quickly, slide each box. Image scanners can verify packages in microseconds, while the logistics system calculates where the packages should be dropped off. Packages are grouped by region in large bins, which are picked up by driverless forklifts and brought to the corresponding truck for delivery.These tasks are normally carried out by 180 people. However, JD.com CEO Richard Liu says it is necessary to have humans to control and repair machines.

JD.com claims 258 million consumers who spent $ 94.8 billion in 2016.