[Numbers] Israel in the top 10 most innovative economies in the world

by bold-lichterman

1. South Korea (idem 2016)

2. Sweden (+1)

3. Germany (-1)

4. Switzerland (+1)

5. Finland (+2)

6. Singapore (idem 2016)

7. Japan (-3)

8. Denmark (+1)

9. United States (-1)

10. Israel (+1)

Source: Bloomberg 2017 Innovation Index

Considered by Bloomberg as the third most stable economy in 2016, Israel also arrives in the Top 10 of the most innovative economies in the world, according to the American group. The absence of inflation and a low unemployment rate (barely 4.2% in March 2017) are Israel’s two main assets in terms of economic stability.

In terms of innovation, the “Start-up Nation” is distinguished by the remarkable concentration of its research centers, for which it is ranked first in the world, as well as by the intensity of its R&D, for which it ranks second. . Finally, it comes in third place in terms of the importance of high-tech companies in its economy.

In terms of industrial added value and productivity, Israel, on the other hand, ranks 30th. In addition, its efficiency in the tertiary sector ranks it 20th out of 200 and the number of patents filed allows it to climb to 18th place in the ranking on this item. Overall, Israel has a score of 81.23 (against 89 for South Korea, the most innovative economy in 2017), and thus steals 10th place on the podium from France, which ranks 11th this year.


Sources: Bloomberg, The Algemeiner, Trading Economics

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