[Numbers] Instagram Stories VS Snapchat: the turning point of the match

by bold-lichterman

  • Instagram Stories: 200 million active users (April 2017), out of a total of over 600 million active users for Instagram.
  • Snapchat: 158 million active users (February 2017).

The war between Snapchat and Instagram Stories has entered a new phase. In an official announcement made this Thursday, April 13, Instagram Stories claims to have passed the 200 million active user mark. The tool thus surpasses for the first time Snapchat, which claimed 158 million users last February.

Launched in early August 2016, Instagram’s “Stories” take all the ingredients that made Snapchat so successful: ephemeral videos, filters, emojis, etc. Six months after its launch, Instagram Stories had already won over 150 million users. With 50 million additional users gained over the past two months, community messaging is on the rise.

Faced with the conquest appetite of its competitor, Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, is challenged. The price of the company has indeed fallen by 1.5% following the announcement of Instagram. Snap is still valued at more than 23 billion dollars on the markets this Friday morning April 14. We will therefore have to wait until May 10, and the official announcement of its quarterly results, to measure the real impact of the growth of Instagram Stories on Snap’s performance.

Sources: Business Insiders, Yahoo Finance

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