[Numbers] In which Southeast Asian country is online spending the most?

by bold-lichterman

  • Indonesia : 1.7 billion dollars spent online.
  • Malaysia : $ 1 billion.
  • Singapore : $ 1 billion.
  • Thailand : 900 million dollars.
  • Philippines : $ 500 million.

With $ 1.7 billion spent online, Indonesia leads the Southeast Asian countries that consume the most on the Internet today. Although barely 36% of inhabitants have a bank account, it is the most dynamic country in terms of e-commerce. Another observation is that the penetration rate of bank cards is 3.2%.

Malaysia and Singapore are tied for second, with $ 1 billion each spent online. The two countries are characterized by a high rate of possession of a bank account (respectively 81% and 96%). Singapore stands out with a bank card penetration rate twice as high as Malaysia (38% versus 20%), as well as a smartphone penetration rate close to 100%, where in Malaysia it is 65%.

Finally, Thailand comes in third place, with $ 900 million spent on the Internet. The country is getting closer to Malaysia in terms of equipment in smartphones and possession of bank accounts. However, the penetration rate of bank cards is only 5.5%.


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Source: Terrapinn
Photo credit: Flickr