[Numbers] In the US, a tech intern can earn double the average salary

by bold-lichterman

  • Facebook : 8000 dollars per month of internship allowance on average.
  • ExxonMobil : $ 6,507 per month.
  • Salesforce : $ 6,450 per month.
  • Amazon : $ 6,400 per month.
  • Apple : $ 6,400 per month.
  • Bloomberg : $ 6,400 per month.
  • Yelp : $ 6,400 per month.
  • Yahoo : $ 6,080 per month.
  • VMware : $ 6,080 per month.
Glassdoor data

While an American employee earns an average of $ 46,623 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, some interns at tech giants would earn more than double if they worked there for 12 consecutive months. This is what emerges from the study “Local Pay Reports»Produced by Glassdoor.

An intern at Facebook in fact receives compensation of $ 8,000 per month on average, which is equivalent to compensation of $ 96,000 over 12 months. At Microsoft, internships are compensated to the tune of $ 7,100 per month on average, or the equivalent of $ 85,200 over 12 months. Another example, Apple pays its interns an average of $ 6,400 per month, which results in $ 76,800 over 12 months.

Beyond these staggering remunerations, the Tech giants do not skimp on benefits in kind to attract these young professionals. Free food, accommodation and transport solutions, or even the organization of completely free events on weekends are all additions granted to interns in most of these companies. Another strong point underlined by the former trainees interviewed as part of the study, mostly software engineers and developers, the fact of working on projects that make sense, and of being quickly integrated into the teams as an employee would be. .

Sources: Glassdoor, Bureau of Labor Statistics

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