[Numbers] How much tax do the American tech giants pay?

by bold-lichterman

  • Amazon: $ 1.4 billion in income tax provision, according to the company’s published annual income statements.
  • Apple: $ 15.7 billion.

It is one of the flagship measures being discussed by the Trump administration at the moment. The new US government wants to lower the corporate tax rate in the United States from the current 35% to 15%. The opportunity to review the amounts actually paid by the main tech giants for corporate tax, on a global scale.

The giant Amazon is the most taxed in relative value (36.6%), followed by Apple (26.6%). Microsoft and IBM, which have provisioned $ 3 billion and $ 0.4 billion respectively for income tax, are already taxed at 15% or less.

Infographic: How Much Tax Do Tech Giants Pay?  |  Statista

The effective tax rate of these tech giants is a subject of recurring conflict between Europe and these companies, which compete in tricks to lower the tax burden on their European activities.

We remember in particular the complex assembly put in place by Apple and revealed by Brussels last August, which allowed the firm at the apple to pay less than 1% in taxes in the European Union. The European Commission had ordered Apple to pay a fine of 13 billion euros to the Irish state.

Source: Statista

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