[Numbers] How many tech women are in the Top 10 billionaire businesswomen?

by bold-lichterman

  • 3 tech businesswomen are in the Top 10 billionaire businesswomen in the world.
  • The business woman the richest in the world is Zhou Qunfei (pictured) heads Lens Technology, which manufactures and markets touch screens for smartphones. The former worker is now at the head of a fortune estimated at 7.9 billion dollars.

  • In the world, all sectors combined, there are 56 businesswomen billionaires, 37% more than in 2016. In total, 11 of them made their fortunes in the digital sector.


Are businesswomen breaking the famous “glass ceiling” so often pointed out when it comes to gender equality in the professional world? This is what data aggregated by Forbes, concerning businesswomen who are now billionaires, as opposed to female billionaires who have inherited their wealth.

In 2017, there were indeed 56 billionaire businesswomen in the world, which is 15 more than in 2015, according to the American media. The latter represent a quarter of women billionaires, all profiles combined. It is in China that there are the most “self-made women” who display such success in business (21 in total), as well as in the United States (17 women).

And women in Tech are not left out, as they are 3 in the Top 10 of the richest billionaire businesswomen. In addition to Zhou Qunfei’s career, we will remember the successes of Lam Wai Ying, also in smartphone screens ($ 4.1 billion in fortune), or that of Denise Coats in gaming ($ 3.6 billion) , always according to Forbes.

In total, these 56 accomplished business women have a cumulative wealth of $ 129 billion, or 34% more than in 2015. This is the first time that their cumulative wealth has exceeded $ 100 billion. In total, their wealth represents only 16% of the wealth of all women billionaires in the world.


Source: Forbes

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