[Numbers] How many gigabytes of internet do you get for 30 euros?

by bold-lichterman

According to a Statista study carried out on the basis of data identified by a report by Digital Fuel Monitor, here is how much a European user can have Internet GB with a budget of 30 euros in different countries:

Infographic: How many GB of mobile internet do you get for 30 €?  |  Statista

Currently in France for 30 euros, we can get an average of 50 GB of Internet. A figure that could be changed very soon, especially with the arrival of new formulas on the market.

On March 14, Free announced a new offer. The operator created by Xavier Niel now offers his mobile customers an unlimited package for calls, SMS and MMS, as well as 5 GB of Internet per month, free of charge. roaming additional if they travel to one of the 35 countries included in the offer, at any time of the year. More specifically, in Europe and the French overseas departments, Free Mobile subscribers will be able to call and send unlimited SMS or MMS all year round. In the United States, Canada, Israel, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, they will be able to call and send unlimited SMS / MMS locally, as well as to mainland France. To this can be added the 5 GB of Internet usable per month, regardless of the country in which the mobile subscriber is located.

As of June 15, other mobile operators will also have to drop the costs of roaming. Indeed, the European Commission has decided to put an end to it. The price of mobile data will also be capped: 7.70 euros from June 2017 to drop to 2.50 euros in 2022.

Sources: Statista, Digital Fuel Monitor, FrenchWeb

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