[Numbers] How many cars did Tesla deliver in the first half of 2017?

by bold-lichterman

  • During the first six months of the year, Tesla has produced more than 51,000 vehicles, nearly 26,000 of them in the second quarter of the year alone, according to an official statement from the company.

  • At the same time, Tesla delivered 47,100 vehicles.

  • The company estimates that it will deliver more vehicles in the next six months of the year, for a total of more than 94,000 cars delivered over the whole of 2017.

After a first quarter marked by a 123% increase in revenues, the second half is looking good for Tesla. The company headed by Elon Musk indeed announced have delivered 22,000 vehicles over the past three months (12,000 Model S and 10,000 Model X). This represents an increase of 53% compared to the same period in 2016. In total, the company claims to have delivered nearly 47,100 cars in the first six months of the year. This corresponds to the low range of the objectives that it had set for the first semester.

At the same time, Tesla produced nearly 26,000 vehicles in the second quarter, for a total of 51,126 units produced in the first quarter. She also said the first fully compliant Model 3s will be produced this week. Around thirty vehicles will be handed over to customers on July 28.

Until the beginning of June, the company estimates that its production was 40% below demand, due to a shortage of 100 kWh batteries. The problem having since been resolved, it hopes to deliver more vehicles in the second half of the year, and thus exceed the 94,000 cars delivered over the whole year.

In 2016, Tesla had revenue of $ 7 billion, up 71% from the previous year. It also made a loss of nearly $ 725 million over the period. The company is valued at $ 57.9 billion on the markets on Tuesday, July 4. This is 33% more than just 4 months ago. Note, on June 9, it surpassed BMW in terms of valuation, according to Bloomberg. The automotive activity of the German manufacturer was nevertheless profitable in 2016, with a result of 7.7 billion euros.

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