[Numbers] How is the turnover of mobile games evolving in 2017?

by bold-lichterman

Newzoo studied the results of 70 companies specializing in video games. According to the report, the share of mobile games in their turnover continues to climb. It is expected to explode within three years and reach $ 64.9 billion in 2020.


In 2017, the turnover of video games is estimated at 108.9 billion dollars worldwide, an increase of 7.8% compared to 2016, according to a report published by Newzoo.

42% of this turnover comes from mobile and tablet games, or 19% more than in 2016. These would represent 46.1 billion dollars in revenue in 2017, 35.3 billion dollars would come from mobile. In 2020, mobile and tablet game revenue is expected to be equivalent to half of total revenue. As for PC games, they are experiencing a sharp decline. Their sales would hardly reach 4.5 billion in revenue in 2017, a drop of 9.7% compared to last year.

The good results posted by mobile and tablet games can also be explained in part by the growing number of downloads. According to a report by App Annie, the time spent on mobile applications increased by 20% in 2016, or 900 billion hours. Worldwide, the number of downloads has climbed 15%. Over 13 billion downloads come from the iOS and Google Play operating systems.

The biggest consumers of mobile and tablet games are the Chinese. The country alone represents 27.5 billion in turnover, or a quarter of the sector’s revenues in 2017. This figure is mainly due to the very good results of companies such as Tencent or NetEase. China far exceeds estimates made for the United States of $ 25.1 billion. In 2020, Newzoo estimates that China could generate 33.7 billion in turnover.

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