[Numbers] France ranked 20th most innovative country in digital, but …

by bold-lichterman

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Swiss
  4. Denmark

  5. Finland

  6. Singapore

  7. South Korea

  8. UK

  9. Hong Kong

  10. United States

Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are the three most advanced countries in terms of digital, according to the study “Digital Planet 2017 – How competitiveness and trust in digital economies vary across the world», Produced by the Fletcher School for MasterCard. France is ranked in 20th place, behind Austria and Belgium.

The American university has ranked 60 countries on the basis of their Digital Evolution Index (DEI). The latter is calculated by combining more than 100 different indicators, such as the legal environment, the state of supply and demand, or the capacity to innovate. Beyond this classification of economies on the basis of their digitization, the study also measures the dynamism of countries in this area. In other words, the Fletcher School did not just take a snapshot of economies at a time T, it also ranked countries based on how quickly they continue to transform today.

It shows that countries such as France, Sweden or the United States, which have one of the highest DEI in the world, are also experiencing a slowdown in their digitization. “Reinventing themselves to overcome these “digital platforms” will require a conscious effort on the part of these countries, which will have to bet on a growing digital technology in which they have a certain lead.”, Underline the authors of the study. Conversely, the United Kingdom and Singapore have very high DEIs and significant dynamism. “To maintain their lead, these countries must keep their innovation engines at full strength and generate new demand.», Details the study.


China, Russia and Turkey, which have a lower DEI, on the other hand, are showing strong dynamism in terms of digital. Egypt, Pakistan and Greece show a significant delay compared to other countries.

And what sets the most dynamic countries apart from the others is the overall confidence of Internet users in online services. In China or Turkey, users are particularly patient and engaged despite the many frictions that can exist in their online experiences. Conversely, in France or Canada, users are less patient, and react negatively to the slightest hitch in their web browsing.


Photo credit: Pixabay