[Numbers] At the end of 2018, mobile will represent 75% of online sales in China

by bold-lichterman

  • In 2018, Chinese internet users will spend $ 1,462 billion online, up 29% compared to the previous year.
  • The three quarters of these expenses will be made on mobile.

  • By 2021, these are more than 2,660 billion dollars to be spent online in China, or nearly 60% of the world market.

emarketer-mobile-expenses-china-201707With more than $ 1.130 billion spent online in 2017, China will capture nearly half (49.5%) of global spending this year, according to reports. estimates from eMarketer.

And with annual growth rates exceeding 20% ​​in the coming years, China’s place in global e-commerce will strengthen, reaching 59.4% of market share in 2021. Chinese Internet users will then spend 2,660 billion dollars online. In 2018, nearly $ 1,000 billion will be spent through m-commerce. Mobile will therefore account for 75% of online spending in the country.

Growth in online spending is driven by greater convenience in mobile shopping, increased spending per Internet user in smaller cities, as well as a greater variety of goods available for purchase.», Explains Oscar Orozco, analyst at eMarketer.

The Chinese e-commerce market is notably driven by players such as Alibaba, Tencent and even JD.com, who are competing for ideas to continue to grow in a context of the Chinese economy’s deceleration.

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