[Numbers] Apple’s capitalization exceeds $ 800 billion

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  • A little before 2 p.m., on May 8, 2017, Apple’s share price hit $ 153.70. The company’s market capitalization has thus exceeded 800 billion dollars.. This is the first time that a company has exceeded this symbolic bar.

  • In the afternoon, the share price fell slightly, reaching $ 153.01. At the close of Nasdaq, Apple’s market capitalization was therefore $ 797.77 billion.


Bloomberg data – Apple share price evolution on May 8, 2017

Apple heals its shareholders, and the market pays it back. On the occasion ofannouncement of its quarterly results, the firm headed by Tim Cook has indeed announced that it has paid back $ 10 billion to its investors for the second quarter of its current fiscal year.

In a context of stable growth for the company, which saw its turnover increase by 4.6% in the second quarter, slightly below consensus, and its net profit increase by 4.9%, the board of administration approved a 10.5% increase in dividends paid out by the company. These reach $ 0.63 per share and will be paid to shareholders on May 18.

Another strong decision taken by the company in favor of its shareholders, the extension of its capital return program, implemented in August 2012. The American giant indeed plans to have paid 300 billion dollars to its shareholders of here in March 2019, in the form of dividends or share buybacks. In total, Apple has already paid out nearly 211 billion dollars to its shareholders since the implementation of this program 5 years ago.

If these decisions are positive for Apple shareholders, it is the announcement made by Tim Cook on May 4, concerning the launch of a fund with a billion dollars to create jobs in the American industry. , which made the share price take off. The latter reached $ 153.70 on the day of May 8, 2017. A little before 2 p.m., the company’s market capitalization thus reached an all-time high, at more than $ 800 billion. The price stabilized at the end of the day around 153 dollars, for a capitalization of 797.77 billion dollars.


Sources: Bloomberg, Fortune, Apple, Techcrunch

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