[Numbers] After the announcement of its takeover by Amazon, how much is the Whole Foods Market share worth?

by bold-lichterman

  • The company is valued $ 13.8 billion, June 20 in the morning, according to Bloomberg data.

  • The share price at the opening of the stock market is $ 42.95, after peaking at $ 43.22 on June 19. This is 30% more than the day before the announcement of the takeover of the company by Amazon.


It’s a small revolution in the retail sector. The tech giant Amazon announced this Friday, June 15, the takeover of the organic supermarket chain Whole Foods Market, for an amount of $ 13.7 billion. With this acquisition, Amazon confirms its ambitions in the physical commerce sector.

Days after the official announcement of the takeover, Whole Foods Market’s share price rose 30% on Nasdaq, data shows Bloomberg. At the same time, the company’s market capitalization increased by $ 3 billion, according to information. Recode. On the morning of June 20, the company is valued at $ 13.8 billion, slightly more than the value at which Amazon bought it back.

The main competitors of Whole Foods Market, such as Walmart, Targe, Sprouts and SuperValu have seen their share prices fall. If we add up the declines in their respective valuations, the total loss is close to $ 22 billion, again according to Recode. This is 9 billion more than the value taken by Whole Food Market.


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