Nuance relies on voice recognition to optimize the management of medical documentation

by bold-lichterman

French healthcare professionals devote 40% of their time to medical documentation, according to a study carried out by Nuance Communications in collaboration with Les Echos Etudes on the challenges of medical documentation in France. From this statement, Shade, an American company specializing in imaging and voice recognition software, has decided to launch a medical voice recognition solution.

Thanks to voice recognition, Nuance intends to collect medical data in real time and digitize most procedures, such as making appointments, to allow doctors to concentrate on their profession. “Today’s hospitals have a need for productivity and have adopted a client-versus-patient approach.», Notes Pierre Meyblum, Channel Sales Manager Healthcare France at Nuance.

“Making the link between city medicine and hospital medicine”

To address this issue, the American company relied on the concept point-of-care, which consists of processing “the right information in the right place at the right time», Explains Pierre Meyblum. In this way, voice recognition aims to improve the quality of patient care in order to streamline their care path. “This makes it possible to make the link between city medicine and hospital medicine», Indicates Pierre Meyblum.

This approach appealed to the Nantes University Hospital, insofar as Nuance’s technology is part of the establishment’s “zero paper” approach. Every day, the American company’s solution is used by 400 health professionals attached to the Nantes University Hospital. Ultimately, the goal is to reach a population of 1,800 doctors.

Founders: Ronald croen

Creation date : 1992

Seat : Burlington, Massachusetts

Activity: imaging and speech recognition software

Workforce: 13,000 employees