NowThis social publisher reconnects its website, 3 years after its closure

by bold-lichterman

The return of the website

Could it be in the old websites that we finally make the best soups? In any case, it is an astonishing movement that NowThis has just made, known to be one of the pioneers of millennial media and precursors of social video – this square and subtitled format, now well known, a register imported and familiar in France. by Brut. This Wednesday, NowThis, owned by Nine Media Group, put online … a website, triggering the irony of some observers at the same time.

100% social pivot in 2015

In 2015, NowThis shut down its own site to switch to a 100% social distribution mode, a strategy then adopted in France by Minute Buzz in October 2016. The website was no longer identified as a popular destination for millennials, these last doing only “Snacker” their content by social means, making the website obsolete.

NowThis social publisher reconnects its website 3 years after its
The social shift of NowThis in 2015

NowThis says, however, that the company has been working on this resurrection for six months and is in line with the company’s growth. Athan Stephanopoulos, President of NowThis, declares to Business Insider : “We decided to close our site, because at the time it was difficult for a publisher to direct audiences to a website, and even more so for a new entrant. Since then, our audience, our volumes and categories of content have grown a lot, and it now makes sense to host all this great work under the umbrella of a website. ”

For Stephanopoulos, the website is ultimately a popular channel for advertisers, because they can lean on it. NowThis Studios, which produces brand content for the publisher, has just developed NowThis Food with Campbell’s, for example.

Editors’ reaction to the new newsfeed

Despite everything, it is difficult not to see a cause and effect link with the highly commented announcement of the change of algorithm on Facebook’s newsfeed, favoring the content of individuals to the detriment of that of brands and the media. For many months,NowThis social publisher reconnects its website 3 years after its

Credit: BuzzFeed

Strictly speaking, this is not yet an “anti-social” turnaround, as NowThis still markets itself as a distributed medium and had a record December on social media. The decision, however, is indicative of a new state of mind among publishers who, after relying on social manna to overcome the crisis facing the media industry, realize that these platforms are not only part of the solution, but also of the problem.