[Nouveau] With Adventure World, Zynga relies on excess and interactivity

by bold-lichterman

Zynga, the American leader in social gaming, has just launched a brand new game on Facebook. Baptized Adventure World, this last entertainment offers a universe both complex and gigantic. On the menu: five different worlds, the resolution of numerous puzzles, new social mechanisms and above all, all new technologies.

Nouveau With Adventure World Zynga relies on excess and interactivity

In search of El Dorado, fans of social gaming will therefore be able to:

  • Create an ultra personalized 3D avatar (more than 1000 options are possible)
  • Acquire multiple gadgets, present by the hundreds.
  • Forge a team of 12 Facebook friends to face a wild world. A major help when you find yourself in a game which is 40 times the size of previous Zynga games and which is full of puzzles.
  • But also live a real interactive experience thanks to the development of a next-generation flash engine.

Zynga’s latest addition is already available on Facebook, in 8 different languages.

With over 230M monthly active users, Zynga is the world’s leading social gaming developer. Among his most famous titles: CityVille, FarmVille, Zynga Poker. Since its inception, the company has already raised nearly $ 845M. Facebook and Google are among its main investors.