[Nouveau] Eenox Qube geolocates QR code scans

by bold-lichterman

Eenox, a start-up based in Lille within the EuraTechnologies incubator, has just launched, this Monday, January 9, a new tool to support companies in their mobile marketing strategies.

Nouveau Eenox Qube geolocates QR code scansBaptized Eenox Qube, it is a platform dedicated to the creation of geolocalisable “smart” QR codes, the URL of which can be modified at any time. The tool allows companies to accurately measure the impact of their mobile marketing campaigns based on QR codes.

Indeed, this new feature, which integrates HTML5 technologies, offers the possibility of geolocating scans of QR codes, independently of the scanner used by mobile users. Companies thus have access, via a dedicated interface, to real-time statistics on actual scans. These can thus identify the most appropriate geographic locations to develop their poster advertising campaigns.

Founded by Thomas Thelliez, the start-up began by developing a solution for creating interactive mobile sites. Called Eenox Designer, this first platform makes it possible in particular to create and download, directly from a web browser, websites for PCs, smartphones and tablets “without any technical skills”.

FrenchWeb met last November Thomas Thelliez, founder and CEO of Eenox: