Notaries and lawyers turn to digital solutions to keep working

by bold-lichterman

Yousign offers solutions for signing most official documents online. With the explosion of teleworking, new professions such as notaries and financiers are turning to this solution. ” Since the start of containment, we have noticed a big acceleration in requests with sectors much more in demand: notaries, real estate agents, lawyers and the finance sector.“, Says Luc Pallavidino CEO and co-founder of Yousign.

Notaries are particularly concerned and impacted by the confinement. ” Until now, we had very little demand from notaries. For the past week, they have wanted to equip themselves very quickly to be able to respond to their customers“, Confirms the entrepreneur.

A real boon for Yousign. ” Since last week, it has been the biggest week in terms of numbers that we have achieved since the start of our activity. We generated 120% more customers in one week than we have traditionally done since the start of the year. There is a real interest in this period to continue working“, Recognizes Luc Pallavidino of Yousign.

Find the full interview with Luc Pallavidino, CEO and co-founder of Yousign:

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