No more Qualcomm chips in Apple’s new iPhones

by bold-lichterman

US electronics maker Qualcomm has said it expects Apple, with which it has been in dispute for months, to stop using its connection chips in its next iPhone, which should benefit competitor Intel.

We believe Apple intends to use only our competitor’s (chips) rather than ours in the next iPhone.“Which should be unveiled as usual in September, said Wednesday George Davis, chief financial officer of Qualcomm during a conference call with analysts on the occasion of the publication of its quarterly results. In this case, these are “modem chips” which are used to connect the device to telecommunications networks.

Qualcomm and Apple in conflict for more than 18 months

This could do business with another industry heavyweight, Intel, Apple’s other supplier for this component. “We will continue to provide for older models“Brand devices,” said George Davis. The interdependence of manufacturers and suppliers is the subject of numerous disputes, either between them or with the regulatory authorities.

Qualcomm and Apple have been in dispute for more than 18 months, amid charges of patent infringement and abuse of dominance. Several complaints have been filed in court by both parties. And in January, Brussels fined Qualcomm nearly a billion euros, accused of having paid huge sums to its customer Apple so that it did not buy from its rivals between 2011 and 2016. Qualcomm had announced that it would appeal. The American manufacturer also announced on Wednesday the probable failure of the takeover of its Dutch competitor NXP, in the absence of a green light from the Chinese regulatory authorities.