Nicolas Bouzou: “We are in a period of creative destruction”

by bold-lichterman

“Innovation will save the world”, at least that is what Nicolas Bouzou, French essayist specializing in economics and author of this book, thinks. In a period he considers as important as the industrial revolutions of previous centuries, he recalls that “the history of humanity is a history of progress», On the occasion of the USI conference held in Paris at the end of June. However, for progress to occur, Nicolas Bouzou believes that humanist philosophy must guide innovation.

At present, the essayist claims that “we are currently in a period of creative destruction», Which raises social problems. “We must make ends meet: the losers and the winners of creation destruction. It is therefore essential to hang up the losers of creative destruction and globalization», Explains the man who also founded Asterès, an economic analysis and consulting company.

In addition to the challenges brought about by digital and globalization, Nicolas Bouzou distinguishes two major centers of innovation in the world: the West of the United States and the East of China. Behind, Europe is lagging behind due, in its view, to the lack of a single digital market in Europe, which is slowing the emergence of large European companies with global reach. However, he sees a ray of hope with the conjunction of three events: the election of Donald Trump in the United States, Brexit in the United Kingdom and the election of Emmanuel Macron in France. For the essayist, these three parameters are allowing the European Union to restart.