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[France] + 1.9% for the online advertising in the 1st half of 2012 … [Prévisions] French e-commerce could weigh 38.6 billion euros in 2016…. NFC payment : a market of 180 billion dollars by 2017?…. The iPad : preferred medium for entertainment?…. Focus on 4 new studies.

The iPad: the preferred medium for entertainment?

NFC iPad e commerce online advertising The last 4 studies to
According to a recent study by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, relayed by the site eWeek, 40% of iPad owners use it to surf the Internet, play or have fun through various multimedia content. The use of the iPad to work comes only in 4th position and thus concerns only 13% of respondents. This figure would however concern 16% of iPad 3 owners. The study specifies that the more memory the device has, the more users would use it for a professional activity. Finally, the report underlines the low use of applications. In fact, only 4% of users surveyed say they use their iPad for this feature.

[France] + 1.9% for online advertising in the first half of 2012

1606009929 5 NFC iPad e commerce online advertising The last 4 studies toAccording to the latest figures published by Kantar Media, online advertising investments would have grown slightly by 1.9% during the first half of 2012. According to the institute, the internet here confirms “its status as a mature media, following once again the market trend which is showing timid at the start of the year. “

In fact, over the first 6 months of the year, the global advertising market in France recorded weak growth of 1.2% with a clear decline in the 2nd quarter (-0.3%) compared to the first quarter. of the year (+ 3.1%). The driving media remains television (+ 4.6%) followed by radio (+ 3.6%).

In terms of online investments, Kantar Media also notes the sharp decline in two historical sectors: culture and leisure as well as finance.

[Prévisions] French e-commerce could weigh 38.6 billion euros in 2016

1606009929 14 NFC iPad e commerce online advertising The last 4 studies toAccording to a recent study From Emarketer, e-commerce in France should experience growth of around 12.3% in 2012 and could thus weigh in at $ 33.3 billion (€ 27.4 billion). This figure, which also includes the e-tourism sector, would place France in 3rd position in Europe, behind the United Kingdom and Germany.

According to the firm, this dynamic could be explained in particular by the growing number of Internet users practicing online purchases. An activity which concerned 71.2% of French Internet users in 2011 but which could attract, in 2012, more than 75% of them. Another element of explanation put forward: the economic pressure weighing on French consumers. In view of the relatively high prices offered in physical stores, the French would tend to turn to the web in order to achieve better business.

Based on these findings and forecasts, the firm estimates that e-commerce could reach, in 2016, 46.8 billion dollars (38.6 billion €). More numerous, French Internet users would also spend more online, with an average amount of online purchases estimated at $ 1,542 (€ 1,272) in 2016, against $ 1,258 (€ 1,038) for 2012.

Despite these positive figures, however, we note a certain decline in the sector’s boom, from 12.3% growth in 2012 to only 7.6% growth in 2016.

NFC payment: a market of 148 billion euros by 2017?

1606009929 657 NFC iPad e commerce online advertising The last 4 studies to

According to recent estimates from Juniper, the NFC mobile payments market could weigh, on a global scale, nearly 180 billion dollars (148 billion €) by 2017. This is more than 7 times higher than that observed in 2012. Still according to the firm’s forecasts, North America, Western Europe, the Far East and China should represent nearly 90% of the value of this market. Finally, the study estimates that, by 2017, more than one in four mobile users in the United States and Europe should pay in stores with their smartphone. According to Juniper, NFC technology should therefore gradually become a real standard of use.