Nexthink, $ 40 million to extend its IT analytics solution to the US market

by bold-lichterman

The amount

Nexthink, a software publisher specializing in the analysis of information systems, has just raised 40 million dollars from Highland Europe, an identified investor in technology companies in the growth phase. To set up this transaction, Nexthink also surrounded itself with Waypoint Capital, Auriga Partners and Galeo Ventures. This initiative brings to 65 million dollars the total amount of capital raised since the creation of the Swiss company in 2004.

The market

Founded in 2004 by Pedro Bados, Vincent Bieri and Patrick Hertzog, Nexthink offers IT teams software allowing them to have a real-time overview of the entire activity. It also intends to provide a vision of the uses on the various terminals. Nexthink claims its ability to reduce the number of incidents, up to “30%”, according to the company.

It is first of all its international potential that has attracted investors, with growth of “170% in Northern Europe and 157% in North America,” says the Swiss company. It has just opened a new head office in Boston. Likewise, commercial operations carried out on the American continent will be managed from the capital of Massachusetts. Nexthink claims 600 customers spread over a fleet of 2.4 million terminals around the world.

Still, the Swiss of Nexthink are facing many American players, such as ServiceNow, Druva, or Bwise.

The objectives of the Start-up

With this fundraising, Nexthink intends to strengthen its investments and its international presence. “This fundraising will allow us to develop new markets, strengthen our positioning and continue to innovate to integrate new functionalities into our offer”, observed Pedro Bados, president and co-founder of Nexthink. The Swiss company is also targeting an IPO to accelerate.

Founders: Pedro Bados, Vincent Bieri and Patrick Hertzog

Creation: 2004

The head office : Lausanne

Activity: software publisher

Funding: 40 million dollars raised in April 2016

Competitors: ServiceNow, Druva, or Bwise

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