[News] What to know this morning

by bold-lichterman

free mobile and his stock of phones, ePresse enriches its offer, Aspaway raises funds, GB: no taxes for Amazon, Facebook chooses the Nasdaq, Twitter wind head against spam …

News What to know this morning

Free Mobile sells off its terminals

“Free Mobile lowers its prices to sell its phones (…) The operator has suggested to certain manufacturers that they take back their mobiles. (…) The new operator, which only had 3 stores at the end of 2011, has mostly misjudged demand. He found himself cluttered with a stock of phones that could number in “hundreds of thousands”, according to a knowledgeable source. ” writes the daily Les Echos. The iPhone 4S initially planned at 720 € is now available for 649 € with a consumer credit and at 562 € when purchased in cash. The new operator would also have succeeded in attracting nearly 3M subscribers according to Numéricable’s estimates.

The ePresse digital kiosk expands its family

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The GIE ePresse yesterday opened the triple play version from his kiosk, now usable on all media (computer as well as mobile and tablet under iOS and Android). The platform which uses the HiMedia payment solution allows users to use their usual identifier (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, OpenID, Orange account, etc.), regardless of the payment method chosen. In addition to the digital version of the national dailies and weeklies already present (except Le Monde), we will also find La Croix and Challenges, then, soon, l’Humanité, La Dépêche du Midi, Le Temps, Le Figaro Magazine, Le Midi Olympique, L’Equipe Magazine and finally France Football.

When Amazon dodges taxes

Opened in 1998, Amazon Britain is the UK’s largest retailer with £ 3.3 billion in sales in 2011, but pays no income tax there according to the daily The Guardian. The information is causing a stir in Great Britain because Amazon sells nearly one in four books there, while its headquarters was transferred to Luxembourg in 2006, which allows it to escape the British tax authorities.

Facebook opts for the Nasdaq

Bad news for the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE which reconciles electronic market, and traditional market) which hoped to attract Facebook during its IPO, Facebook would have preferred the Nasdaq (totally electronic market) according to the New York Times.

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Twitter attacks spammers

Twitter (140 million active users, and 340 million Tweets daily) announces that it is suing five of the biggest spammers in federal court in San Francisco.

Aspaway raises funds

IT services company Aspaway (2011 turnover: 9M €), provider of hosted applications, has just raised funds (for an undisclosed amount) from Alliance Entreprendre reports Fusacq. Aspaway, a group founded in 2000 and chaired by Michel Théon, specializes in the outsourcing of management systems. It offers more than 50 applications for businesses.

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