[News] What to know this morning

by bold-lichterman

Money for Open Source, Groupon attacks the British e-commerce market, $ 25 million for health marketing, Google data center in Finland, SAP compensates Oracle ($ 20 million)

Open Source

Open Source is doing well in France despite the crisis: Bonitasoft (business process management software, born in 2009), raises 11 million euros from three investment funds report Les Echos. The business daily adds that the hexagonal market for “open source” (estimated at nearly 2 billion euros), is growing by more than 20% per year, according to Pierre Audoin Consultants, with significant hiring prospects. As for the world number one, the American Red Hat, its revenues increased by 27% during the last quarter “taking advantage of the gradual conversion of companies and large administrations to free software”.

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Groupon across the Channel

The American Groupon offers discounts of up to 80% on products sold online in Great Britain, thus launching head-on competition with Amazon or eBay. With its database of 115 million email addresses, Groupon could attract sellers who are currently among its competitors. Groupon UK’s offer concerns both mattresses and teeth whitening kits note the Bloomberg agency. Andrew Mason, the boss of Groupon revealed in an internal memo to have sold more than 10,000 mattresses: 2 million dollars in a single day.

Health data

WorldOne Research Ltd Providing Data to Healthcare Marketing Firms Raises $ 25 Million from Kennet Partners according to Dow Jones. This company, founded in 2000, based in London and New York (while also being present in France) monitors the health system in 80 countries via a panel of more than 500,000 doctors and over 200,000 health professionals. In 2010 WolrdOne Research carried out 300,000 interviews and 2,000 reports concerning the healthcare market. This market is booming, VentureWire remarked last May is the American Explorys, based in the state of Ohio which had raised $ 11.5 million.

Google in Finland

Google has just opened a data center in Hamina, on the Baltic Sea in Finland, where the average annual temperature is 2 degrees Celsius. Google has moved into a former newspaper and magazine paper mill specifies the Wall Street Journal. The purchase and transformation of the plant cost Google 200 million which announced the creation of 50 jobs. The Scandinavian countries hope that other Internet players will likewise be attracted by a very cold climate which allows to save on cooling systems, while benefiting from cheap electricity. Being by the sea will also allow Google to use the freshness of the Baltic Sea water.

SAP negotiates with Oracle

SAP reportedly agreed to pay Oracle $ 20 million in damages according to Reuters. SAP would thus put an end to legal action against its former TomorrowNow division which allegedly illegally downloaded millions of files belonging to Oracle. SAP declined to comment on this information but did not deny it. In 2010, a court jury ordered SAP to pay Oracle $ 1.3 billion. A judge had reduced the fine to 272 million. Oracle appealed the ruling yesterday Monday.