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by bold-lichterman

135 million for the French Cloud, transferred from home Microsoft for a Tweet, Google+ is open to everyone, more than 105 SMS / day for young Americans, Bing loses nearly $ 1 billion per quarter

French State and Cloud

The state will invest 135 million euros in the French alliance for “cloud computing” with a third of the voting rights in a new company called Andromède according to Les Echos. France Telecom and Dassault Systèmes will have 26.7% of the voting rights with an investment of 60 million euros each. As for Thales, the defense industrialist will have 13.3% of the voting rights, for 30 million euros. The French State considers that it is important to invest today in “cloud computing”, Indeed, “the risk is real of leaving to non-European players access to the strategic data of French and European companies and to transfer to them the responsibility for the security and reliability of our systems ”But Bull, for its part, allies itself with an American, like Atos with Microsoft.

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Too talkative on Twitter

I had the chance to try one of the most stylish phones from Nokia “” Yes the photo function is good but the lighting was not great, and I would like a more screen large ” ” I would say the screen is 8, it looks solid, and the little touches are fine The boss of the Windows Phone division of Microsoft was fired from the company for having mentioned, on September 7, in these terms, on his Twitter account, the future Nokia phone under Windows Phone. Microsoft confirmed its departure two weeks after these Tweets from Joe Marini “principal program manager for the Windows Phone web platform” (entered at Microsoft in 2003, it was spoke at the Build conference September 16). He was criticized for not respecting rules Microsoft internal (PDF) use of a social network and revealing confidential information.

New functions for Google+

After having been accessible only by invitation, the Google+ social network since its launch in June 2011, is now open to everyone since yesterday. Google took the opportunity to implement new features reports the New York Times enhanced privacy control with easy sharing for small groups and the video chat feature called HangOuts is available on mobile, you can share photos, screenshots, and work together on Google Docs. We will see if the critics saying that interest in Google+ is starting to slow down continue adds the American daily. Google has also added a search function for people or topics.

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Income and number of SMS

Saccording to a study by the Pew Research Center three in four Americans send text messages using their mobile phones, and among them, 31% prefer text to telephone conversation. If we look at young people between 18 and 24, they send an average of 109.5 messages per day, while the overall average is 41.5 messages per day. There is also a difference in the behavior of adults based on income: those earning less than $ 30,000 per year send an average of 57 messages per day, while those earning more than $ 75,000 send an average of 32 messages per day.

Losses of Microsoft Bing

Microsoft lost nearly $ 1 billion per quarter with its Bing search engine since its launch in June 2009 according to CNN. And the note even stands at $ 9 billion since the creation of the Bing division. While Microsoft says it gained market share, CNN notes that it is true but that Bing did not gain anything on Google. Bing nibbled away market share on Yahoo !, Ask.com and AOL. And the search for Yahoo! relying on Bing, that means half of the search market share gains Microsoft did it by cannibalizing its partner Yahoo! Microsoft responds that Bing is improving steadily, but when is it going to make money? It is considered that it would need 25 to 30% of the market to have the critical mass that attracts advertisers. Or double the current share. Some observers estimate that it will take 3 or 4 years and a few billion more losses, adds CNN.