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by bold-lichterman

New Pearltrees application on iPad, iPhone and iPad dominate mobile traffic in the United States, Private Sale has a management team on the other side of the Atlantic, LinkedIn continues to shop… The details of what you need to know morning:

Pearltrees arrives on iPad

Pearltrees has just announced the release of its application for iPad. The French site, which allows you to select and share gems from the web, therefore offers a new tablet service with new features, such as:

  • A visual interface that lets users manipulate their favorite links and topics at their fingertips.
  • A new kind of social system based no longer on fans or subscribers but simply on interests.
  • Collaborative editing in real time thanks to users who collect their favorite topics as a team.
  • Access to quality content edited by a community of over 200,000 active publishers.

Free, the application is available now on the Appstore.

LinkedIn offers a new start-up

Social network LinkedIn announced that it had just acquired from IndexTank, a start-up specializing in real-time research. Through this transaction, LinkedIn aims to improve and expand the capabilities of its online search tool, to facilitate interconnections between its members, and the discovery of relevant content. This new acquisition comes a few days after that of “Connected”, a company offering a contact management tool.

Mobile traffic in the United States

According to the latest figures published by ComScore, the iPhone and the iPad dominate mobile traffic in the United States. In fact, last August, 58.5% of page views across the Atlantic were called by an iOS operating system, against only 32% for Android and 5% for RimOS. The study also tells us that mobile traffic only represents 6.8% of global internet traffic. However, two thirds of this traffic would be generated by tablets. In this area the iPad is king since it alone accounts for 97.2% of the traffic on these devices.

Vente Privée USA offers two former Google executives

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According to ZDNet, the launch of Private sell across the Atlantic seems to be taking shape with the constitution of its management team. We find there in particular two recruits from the Mountain View firm. John Saroff is thus named vice president in charge of the creation and production of the events of each sale. He previously held the managerial position of the TV Ads branch at Google. Jill Szuchmacher worked for Google TV. She is now appointed vice-president responsible for the development of business strategy and partnerships. As a reminder, last May the French event sales site announced an alliance with American Express to launch its activity in the United States.