[News] What to know this morning

by bold-lichterman

Sensee, the new eyewear site developed by the founder of Meetic, Universal buys EMI, Klout skids, Facebook and privacy, India is hiring in Europe and the USA …

Marc Simoncini launches an eyewear sales site

Marc Simoncini, the founder of the dating site Meetic, launched a new eyewear sales platform last week. Called, Sensee.com, the site aims to halve the price of glasses and frames compared to those charged by traditional opticians. An offer which should meet a strong demand since 70% of the French believe the price of glasses too expensive. Given a relatively large physical market, the sale of glasses online therefore seems to benefit from a real breath of fresh air. For now, the site offers a range of more than 1000 frames. A catalog that should grow in the short term to quickly reach 2,500 products.

EMI acquired

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Universal Music has announced plans to buy UK major EMI for £ 1.2 billion (around € 1.4 billion). This while the Vivendi subsidiary is already a major world leader in recorded music with an estimated 25% market share. Without forgetting that “The market for recorded music, sold on CD or on digital platforms (iTunes), fell again by 8.4% in 2010, according to figures from the Ifpi (International Federation of Phonographic Industry)” note the Echoes. It remains to be seen whether the competition authorities in the USA and Europe will accept this transaction.

Klout enlists the children

The American site Klout, which measures the digital influence of Internet users who subscribe to it, automatically creates pages, even for non-registered users. The International Herald Tribune tells the story of a mother, a follower of the service, who discovered that her son (13) and daughter (15) were registered on Klout. All this because these children had a Facebook page and they were “friends” there with their mother. Klout replies that, faced with the outcry caused by this function, he immediately deactivated his system.

Facebook negotiates with US authorities