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by bold-lichterman

LeWeb doubles its stake in 2012, Yammer raises $ 85 million, Free Mobile: Bouygues loses 159,000 customers, Flipboard launches its French version, Foursquare gives up on Google Maps, the server market has shrunk in QA 2011, social networks still more mobile, the effects of closing MegaUpload.

New: two editions of LeWeb in 2012!

For the first time since its launch, The Web will give twice date to Internet professionals during the same year. Loic Le Meur has just revealed that a first session will take place on June 19 and 20 in London, while a second will be held in Paris on December 4, 5 and 6. The 2011 edition brought together more than 3,500 participants from 76 countries.

Yammer raises $ 85 million

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The corporate social network founded in 2008 in San Francisco has just finalized a new fundraising to the tune of $ 85 million according to Venture Beat. In total, Yammer has raised $ 142 million to date. The objective of this operation is to launch a major marketing operation and to develop a new desktop application. The company claims its use in more than 100,000 companies where employees can communicate with each other, in a private environment, on the sole condition of having a company email address.

Impact Free Mobile: Bouygues loses 159,000 customers

Since the arrival of Free Mobile, Bouygues Telecom would have lost nearly 159,000 subscribers, of which 134,000 would have gone directly to the new competitor. The total losses would therefore represent 1.4% of its fleet, bringing together 11.3M customers. As a reminder, Orange had let it be known last week that he had lost, for his part, nearly 201,000 mobile customers in total, or 0.7% of its fleet.

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Flipboard is finally launching its French version!

The Flipboard curation app will draw its French version today at 3 p.m. Launched in July 2010, this application offers users a true customizable 2.0 magazine. Indeed, Flipboard allows you to retrieve the feeds to which you have subscribed (Facebook, Twitter, Google Redear) in order to rewind them to present them on a coherent and unified interface. Long only available on iPad, Flipboard announced its launch on the iPhone at LeWeb’11.

Foursquare reshuffles the cards

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On his blog, the geolocated social network has just announced that it is giving up the Google Maps API for a new partnership with MapBox, a start-up emblematic of the OpenStreetMap movement. Foursquare maps will therefore change their look and it is precisely the ability to personalize colors and fonts among others that is at the origin of this change of cartographic course for Foursquare.

Decline in the server market in Q4 2011

If the sales of servers increased by 4.5% in volume at the global level in the last quarter of 2011, revenues fell by 5.4% in the same period according to Gartner. HP has notably experienced a very clear decline of nearly 10% compared to the 4th quarter of 2010. Last year was marked by a shortage of hard disks which affected the sector. On the microserver market, we learned yesterday of the purchase of Sea Micro by AMD for $ 334 million.

Ever more mobile social networks

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More than half of the people who access social networks from their smartphone do so almost daily. According to the latest figures from ComScore, in the United States, nearly 64M smartphone users have visited social platforms from their mobile, an increase of nearly 77% in the space of a year. In Europe, this practice affects nearly 48.4 million people. A figure up 76% since last year. In France, according to Médiamétrie, more than 15% of mobile internet connections are made by wifi.

Megaupload closure drops illegal downloads in France

According to an Ifop poll, published yesterday, the shutdown of Megaupload a month ago would have discouraged Internet users from downloading illegally. Indeed, according to the study, 48% of Internet users who uploaded files to Megaupload say they have put an end to their illegal practices. However, the study indicates that this attitude concerns more casual downloaders. Internet users who are more adept at this kind of method have already turned to other sites.