, the new social news service, Flipboard still has a bright future ahead.

by bold-lichterman

The iPad application for the new service developed by Betaworks (, in partnership with New York Times Labs, has been available for a few minutes on the Apple app store. Like Flipboard, aggregates the various information you have exchanged on Twitter in a log. The service also offers you contextualized content in relation to the information received on Twitter.

Newsme the new social news service Flipboard still has a

If the application is neat on the look side, its interface is less practical than Flipboard, mainly by favoring vertical navigation. But it is above all functionally that falls far short of Flipboard. The application only allows you to manage information from your Twitter feed, when Flipboard aggregates many services such as Facebook, Instagram, and blogs and magazines.

On this point is trying to establish an economic model that pays publishers whose content is aggregated, starting with those of the New York Times, but also of AOL, Gawker or Business Insider. 660 publishers have already given their agreement according to John Borthwick, CEO of Betaworks and So after 7 days of testing, the user has the choice between a package of $ 0.99 per week, or $ 34.99 per year.