[News du jour]: Mobile browsers, Numericable and Yahoo!

by bold-lichterman

According to a study by NetMarketShare on last August, internet browsing on two, from a mobile, is done from Safari. Thanks to the iPad and the iPhone, Apple therefore remains the leader in mobile web browsing. Next come the Opera Mini, Android Browser, Symbian and BlackBerry browsers.

News du jour Mobile browsers Numericable and Yahoo

Numericable continues its mobile revolution with an unlimited offer abroad. A first in France. The group, which has been offering mobile offers since last May, will launch from September 19 an unlimited offer abroad for only € 10 per month. For it, Numericable has negotiated agreements with the main operators abroad: Verizon, Telefonica, Tata Communication, Swisscom, to name but a few. The new offer covers calls to landlines on five continents, but also landlines and mobiles to China, Canada and the United States. The service will be extended to Morocco and Algeria from October for subscribers who have taken out the Maghreb option.

Yahoo! and Vevo, the platform for music videos and premium entertainment programs, have just announced their partnership in France, Italy and Spain. This agreement therefore allows Yahoo! to market Vevo’s advertising space and to integrate a substantial inventory of videos into its offer. Launched in 2009, Vevo offers nearly 45,000 video clips. In France, every month, nearly 9 million Internet users visit this channel of music videos.