New Social TV startups: dedicated applications (1/3)

by bold-lichterman

The growing symbiosis between our old good traditional television and social media will be one of the more interesting media trends to watch this year. Consumers are turning to the second screen like never before, broadcasters and distributors are on the lookout for any changes and seeking to dominate the trend… In short, we are at the heart of Social TV.

New Social TV startups dedicated applications 13

Among all this hubbub of broadcasters, advertisers, producers and social media, young shoots have added to this ecosystem. Among those, specialized applications. True integrated TV guides, they offer an enhanced television experience.

First of all Zeebox, whose founder Anthony Rose we interviewed at the end of June.

This British start-up, created in 2010, is described as the pioneer of Social TV applications, thanks to its complete and diversified offer on iPhone, iPad and Android : program monitoring, live comments, Twitter feed, games, embedded content (Wikipedia definitions, articles), surveys, etc.

Zeebox, which raised $ 7 million last summer, is currently preparing its launch in the United States with several partners including cable giant ComCast, but also in Australia by creating a joint venture with the television channel Ten.

New Social TV startups dedicated applications 13Among its competitors, we can cite Kwarter, which we presented to you last summer or intoNow, an application launched by Yahoo! which, on the same principle as Shazam, recognizes in real time the program playing on the screen. It then suggests an information feed linked to the program you are watching: news, Twitter comments, etc. You can also share your information with your friends via social networks.

The little extra of the application: You can buy online the music that the application has recognized during your program, or find them on Youtube using a direct link. Finally, you have the possibility to take a screenshot of certain passages of your program to share it on social networks. The IntoNow app is available for free at ios and Android.

TV Tak, he too, recognizes the program broadcast on television when pointing his smartphone at the screen. In addition to the check-in offered on the programs, it allows its users to play games related to the program they are watching. For example, a quiz will be offered to viewers of a game show, while a challenge with other users will be offered to viewers of a sports tournament.

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The applications of TV check-in are numerous and competition is fierce. Tunerfish, Hot Potatoe, Philo, Get Glue, Clicker, or even Miso offer, just like Zeebox and IntoNow, an enhanced TV experience thanks to their use on a second screen. The internet greats have understood that the market is evolving and do not hesitate to create their own applications (Yahoo! with IntoNow) or to buy startups, like Facebook which acquired Hot Potatoe in August. 2010 for $ 10M. This competition will not last, however, and in a few months, some of these small businesses may disappear for the benefit of others, more developed, but also for the benefit of Twitter and Facebook, pillars of social interactions concerning television.

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Among the French, too, we are surfing the “Social TV” wave, despite a poorer offer partly due to the country’s delay on the subject. Among the most developed, we find Teleglu, Followatch or Tweetyourtv and In front of the TV, aggregators of tweets that allow you to discover the programs broadcast at this very moment on the channels, to follow the conversations about a program or a channel and to comment in turn.1606000619 66 New Social TV startups dedicated applications 13

Little more, ” In front of the TV »Gives program audiences in terms of comments, almost in real time. An offer that appeals as much to Internet users, who generally go to the most watched programs, but also to broadcasters and producers who can assess the notoriety of their programs. However, the application does not replace startups specializing in the analysis of social interactions around TV programs, which we will present to you from tomorrow.