New management team at the head of SFR for a new era

by bold-lichterman

SFR is reorganizing its management teams. Eric Denoyer, the former managing director of the operator, is leaving his post and will join the board of directors. Pending the appointment of a new personality to occupy this position, it will be Michel Combes, the current Chairman of the Board of Directors of SFR, who will occupy the position of Chairman and CEO.

Three poles

“Michel Combes brought together the main managers of the group today and warmly thanked Eric Denoyer for his exceptional commitment for more than 11 years in the construction of the group”, details SFR in its press release. He had notably worked on the merger between SFR and Numericable and on the takeover of Virgin Mobile.

Following this internal restructuring, the new executive committee will be organized around three new areas: commerce, operations and support. We find Guillaume de Lavallade in particular to manage the “companies” section, Eric Pradeau (operators), Christophe Delaye (information systems) and Florence Cauvet at the head of human resources. The “general public” executive director should be appointed during the month of January. Note also the arrival of Régis Turrini, former director of mergers and acquisitions at Vivendi, and who worked for the State Participation Agency, as “Head of Regulation, Government Affairs and Strategy”.

“The new team embodies a new major step for the success of our industrial project: to make SFR the leader in Very High Speed ​​and Content. Made up of very experienced and particularly complementary profiles, SFR’s Executive Committee will accelerate the recovery that has been under way for several months ”, declares Michel Combes.

Telecoms-content convergence

“Fully mobilized around the continuous improvement of the quality of service and the customer experience, SFR will continue to invest heavily in networks to offer the best fixed and mobile speeds, and in content to offer the best services to our customers , across the country, ”he continues. The new management team is expected to take office during the first quarter.

SFR specifies that it will continue its efforts between telecoms and content, by working with all the media in connection with the Altice group. It has notably joined forces with Alain Weil’s NextRadioTV group, which notably includes BFMTV or RMC. Patrick Drahi has also acquired several press titles such as The Express and The Expansion.

Finally, the group recently launched a video on demand service as part of its new box. Called Zive, it is intended to compete with Netflix or CanalPlay in France. The operator in the red square also indicated several weeks ago that it intended to continue its policy of investing in optical fiber and that it was targeting 12 million households connected to fiber by 2017.