New: Jiminy, a Saas solution for entrepreneurs

by bold-lichterman

New on the side of management tools for business leaders and self-employed. Zoom on Jiminy, launched in beta this summer.

Based in Nice and Montpellier, the start-up Jiminy has just launched a Saas piloting platform dedicated to independent entrepreneurs. Concretely, Jiminy is a daily working tool which allows the entrepreneur to easily manage his invoicing and the evolution of his turnover, to set his selling prices in advance according to the desired level of profitability and to know at any time the estimate of his personal income generated by his activity.

Jiminy is the initiative of two trained engineers, Marc Beatini and Hervé Dufau, and a manager, Thierry Brunet, also a specialist in supporting and developing very small businesses.


In addition to a dashboard, and personalized analysis indicators, Jiminy offers the entrepreneur simulations of various situations (social systems, price, time and income objectives) to save time.

The management tool is available subject to a subscription at 39 euros per month (introductory price: 29 euros). More details with Hervé Dufau, co-founder of Jiminy

[FW] What does your market correspond to in numbers? What is the main target that you are addressing?

Jiminy’s target market is very large and very fragmented. Its main targets, service providers and artisans, represent 94% of companies in France: solo entrepreneurs account for 65%, and very small businesses (1 to 9 employees) for 29%. The “service provider” solos market targeted by Jiminy is made up of more than 950,000 companies. In 2011, there were nearly 550,000 business creations, 40% of which were service providers. More than 150,000 companies are supported by consular chambers (CCI, Chambers of Trades).

Jiminy is mainly intended for “independent” or “solo” entrepreneurs who create and manage their business alone, and who are service providers: building craftsmen, personal service providers, various intellectual services or even non-liberal professions. -medical (lawyers, architects, etc.).

[FW] How does the daily management solution work?

Technically, it is a SaaS solution. Functionally, Jiminy is aimed at entrepreneurs and helps them to manage their business on a daily basis thanks to tailor-made management, adapted to the objectives of each entrepreneur. The platform integrates a business repository, and is adapted to the legal and tax regimes in force for French companies. It treats the self-employed scheme like other schemes for sole proprietorships or more. This standard is validated by an independent expert firm. With Jiminy, an entrepreneur can run multiple simulations in a matter of minutes, and choose the tax and legal regime that is right for him. He can also define his hourly selling prices and follow his profitability on a daily basis, because he records his time spent by business; he sets income targets, which he can adjust at any time.

[FW] What will Jiminy look like in a year?

Within a year, we hope that Jiminy will have become a tool recognized by independent entrepreneurs as an essential management solution in their daily lives, because it really helps them to set their prices, and to find their bearings. Jiminy intends to become a new generation management tool that sets the benchmark, recommended by a network of partner accountants and people involved in business creation support.