New iPhone: Will Apple be at the level of the Chinese Xiaomi and Oppo?

by bold-lichterman

Top 5 Chinese smartphone innovations: models, market shares… All that’s missing is an OS…

When everyone fervently awaits Apple’s sacrosanct keynote, which was held last night, some eyes are on Chinese innovation in smartphones.

In a market – the first in the world – whose the growth is estimated at 48% for 2013, Apple is only in seventh position (4.8% market share), behind Samsung and five other Chinese manufacturers. The price of iPhones (double or triple that of Chinese smartphones) is not the only obstacle to Apple’s comeback in China.

Mobiles produced by brands like Xiaomi, Lenovo or Meizu – all running on Android – are also largely up to the two new products of the firm at the apple. At the time of writing, there is no doubt that some of them are even working on their own OS.

Top 5 of Apple’s competitors in the Chinese market:



  • His phone: MI3. With a 5-inch IPS display, a 13-megapixel photo sensor on the back of the phone, another on the front (and automatic photo editing), it weighs just 145g.
  • His price : From 245 euros
  • OS: Android
  • Figures: 5% market share
  • Team: Lín Bīn (CEO) and Hugo Barra (vice president)
  • News: In addition to the release of the Mi23, on September 5, 2013, Xiaomi was recently talked about for having hired Hugo Barra, former VP of Android at Google. Next October, he will take the hat of vice president of Xiaomi international. At the end of August, the start-up also announced that it had reached one billion downloads on its App store, thirteen months after its launch. The Chinese brand is also said to be working to create its own OS, MiOS.


  • Oppo: blu-ray DVD player manufacturer since 2004
  • His phone: the Oppo N1 (We also talk about the Oppo Find7, but we do not know if it is the same smartphone or two separate models). No communication campaign, Oppo uses social networks to praise the 5.9-inch screen, the control keys on the smartphone shell, the 12 mega-pixel photo sensor with Xenon flash, and its N-Lens technology.
  • His price : It would be sold from 364 euros
  • OS: Android
  • Team: Chen Mingyong (CEO) says Tony Chen
  • News: The Oppo N1 is due to be unveiled on September 23, 2013. In August, the brand presented its R819 model on the European market, a terminal noted in particular for its (very) affordable price.


  • MEIZU: manufacturer of MP3 players since 2003
  • His phone: the MX3 is a rather high-end model. Above the 5.1-inch screen, a photo sensor to which is added a video sensor, both having an image processing chip. The smartphone also has three microphones.
  • His price : From 309 euros
  • OS: Android, Flyme interface
  • Team: Jack Wong (CEO)
  • News: Competition between Meizu and Apple is not recent. Already during the marketing of its M8 smartphone, Apple had asked the Chinese manufacturer to withdraw it, because of its resemblance to the iPhone.


  • LENOVO: computer manufacturer since 1984
  • His phone: the VibeX. Above all, it is the flat design of the VibeX that impresses: this 120g smartphone is only 7 millimeters thick. Its 13-megapixel photo sensor and 5-megapixel video sensor are also appreciable. Screen side, 5 inches, and RAM side, 2GB.
  • His price : between 350 and 450 euros
  • OS: Android
  • Figures: 9.7% market share
  • Team: Yang Yuanqing (CEO)
  • News: It was at the IFA fair that Lenovo unveiled the VibeX, which is its latest smartphone model. It is intended for the Chinese market only, from October, and will therefore compete directly with the iPhone 5C.


  • ZTE: Zhong Xing Telecommunication Equipment, phone manufacturer since 1985
  • His phone: the Blade V. Unlike the iPhone 5, which is said to remain on a dual-core model, the Blade V is based on a quad-ocher processor. For the rest, its screen is 4 inches, its photo sensor is 5 megapixels (LED flash) and its RAM, 1 GB / the most incredible in this phone is its low cost price.
  • His price : From 106 euros
  • OS: Android
  • Figures: 12.3% market share
  • Team: Shǐ Lìróng (CEO)
  • News: In early September, ZTE launched its Blade V in England, in partnership with Virgin Media.