Net neutrality adopted in the USA: Netflix applauds, Verizon digests badly

by bold-lichterman

It was a showdown of giants. On the one hand, service and content providers. On the other, Internet service providers. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the US telecoms regulator, adopted Thursday, by three votes to two, a new text aimed at strengthening the ” internet neutrality “. This principle sets up telecom operators as simple data transmitters, treating access to content equally. This prevents, for example, restricting one service for the benefit of another, to favor one actor to the detriment of another.

“Consumers now know that legal content will not be blocked or that their service will not be slowed down. (…) Innovators now know that they will have open access to consumers, without having to worry about having to pay for fast debit (for priority access, editor’s note) ”explains the organization on his website.

Such a decision favors services providing content, such as Netflix or Google, but grinds the teeth of telecom operators. The video-on-demand service was split in a press release: “The debate on net neutrality requires a choice to be made between the winners and the losers: Internet service providers or consumers. Today, the FCC has decided: consumers win ”.

The content providers had received strong support. President Barack Obama recalled in November his commitment to the principle of net neutrality: “An open Internet is essential for the American economy, and increasingly for our way of life. By lowering the cost of launching a new idea, initiating new political movements and bringing communities together, (the open Internet, editor’s note) has been one of the most important democratic influences the world has ever known ” he declared.

In exchange, the telecom operators were guaranteed by Tom Wheeler, the president of the FCC, that there would be no regulation by the tariffs, in particular in order to guarantee the investments in the sector. But this new regulation is creating the fury of several ISPs. Verizon thus expressed its dissatisfaction: “Today (February 26) the Federal Communications Commission approved an order requested by President Obama that imposes rules on broadband Internet services that were written in the era of the steam locomotive and the telegraph ”. To mark his disavowal, the press release was written … in morse code, then in a written version in the form of an old typewriter.

Verizon’s statement against the FCC decision.