Nerim: his year 2012, his personalities and his prospects for 2013

by bold-lichterman

The Internet and Telecom operator Nerim, founded in 1999 by Christophe Carel and Raphaël Bouaziz, has just published a turnover of € 26M for its 2012 financial year, compared to € 24M in 2011. It now claims 25,000 TPE / SME, to which it offers a triple competence of Internet access provider, host and telecom operator.

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Change in shareholding … Team movements … Public position statements … Product launches … Feedback on 2012 for Nerim in 4 key points

Nerim currently employs around fifty people in France. FrenchWeb returns to key men and women of the company.

Among its major challenges 2013, Nerim wishes to densify its network, by covering new cities such as Nice or Lille. It also plans to internationalize soon.