Neowave launches a participatory fundraising of 415,000 euros

by bold-lichterman

The startup, Neowave, specializing in the design and manufacture of secure USB keys allowing the protection of computer data, is launching a participatory fundraising campaign of 415,000 euros in order to initiate its international development.

It’s on the platform of crowdfunding Particeep, which is mainly aimed at business angels wishing to invest in startups and SMEs, that the company has decided to open subscriptions. Considered as a Young innovative company, the offer is eligible for the capital gains exemption regime. The minimum ticket required has been set at 2,000 euros.

Located in Gardanne, in the south of France, Neowave sells secure USB keys allowing users to authenticate themselves using electronic certificates to access online services, before subsequently serving as access badges for all media. , namely computers, smartphones or tablets.

Created in 2007 by Bruno Bernard, Michel Leduc, Frédéric Bouchy and Renaud Vignes, Neowave is financially supported by Oséo, Crédit Agricole Caap Création and the PACA Region and hopes to sign its first commercial contracts abroad in 2014.