Native advertising: this new white paper from the IAB that divides

by bold-lichterman

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) has published its first white paper on Native Ads, called “Open RTB 2.3”. In this report provided, a lot of technical terms to discover an innovation in “programmatic” marketing, that is to say the use of software and algorithms to get an advertisement to the screen at the right place, at the right time, and in the right form.

This mission is that of the RTB, or Real-Time Bidding (literally “real-time auction”). RTB is sold on an automated virtual marketplace that connects publishers and advertisers. This technology consists of allocating spaces in real time, following auctions carried out by advertisers or agencies.To find out more about the RTB).

Not much to do with the native advertising therefore, which is supposed to be a new advertising format through which the advertiser awakens the reader’s attention by integrating into the user experience of the publisher site. In short, native formats are primarily images, texts or advertising videos, which blend seamlessly into an editorial flow.

Under these conditions, can we really talk about media innovation and new content? On Twitter, Emmanuel Parody, the editorial director of the media group CUP Interactive and secretary general of GESTE (Le Groupement des éditeurs de services en ligne) reacted to the report:

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Asked by Frenchweb, he explains: “The IAB has done its job, but we confuse the content with the container. This is not the first time that commercial players have made a hold-up on the native advertising. They make up and sell sponsored link that has been around for years, in the form of sponsored links or banners! », He explains. And to conclude: “These offers will be sold three times more expensive. At the same time, they will kill the market for “real” native advertising which will be sold off ”.

Promote market standardization

In this white paper, it is an inventory of technical terms, a bible for developers, supposed to specify the native advertising. This practical and commercial aspect dominates and the institute does not hide it. He wants to “promote the standardization and growth of the RTB marketplace created for Native Ads” and “provide open standards for exchanges between advertising buyers and content sellers. “Objective:” to meet the growing demand for native advertising formats “.

Here is how an advertising invoice in RTB – which we can also call “native advertising” can be detailed, if we follow the IAB framework: first count the “object”, “the width, pixels, height of the image in pixels, the minimum height required, the extensions jpeg, gif ”, the appearance or“ impression ”, its display frequencies, and finally all the data which will make it possible to establish the ROI, such as the figures tours, printing, downloading, the tracking URLs, trackers printing, the rating format on data, and on social networks …

Note that the authors of the IAB study are also almost all part of a company whose business is based on the algorithm and the RTB. The native advertising is an opportunity for them to ride the wave.

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