Nasdaq at its zenith, record listing for Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook

by bold-lichterman

This Thursday, July 12, 2018 will remain in the annals of the Nasdaq. The world’s largest electronic equity market, which is also the second-largest US equity market, behind the New York Stock Exchange, has indeed reached its all-time high of 7 825 points in session. The index finally closed the day close to this record, at 7,823.92 points, up 1.39%. Since 2009, it has been multiplied by six.

The excellent form of the Nasdaq can be explained in particular by the tensions between Washington and Beijing. The two countries have just engaged in a trade war with the entry into force of reciprocal tariffs on tens of billions of dollars of goods. However, these taxes largely target imported goods rather than services.Apple-converted-space “>

Apple in pole position to reach 1 trillion capitalizationApple-converted-space “>

In addition to these records, Apple (+ 1.68%) and Alphabet (+ 2.54%), the parent company of Google, continue their march forward and approach the symbolic mark of $ 1,000 billion in capitalization. No company has yet reached this stage. For now, it is the apple brand that seems best placed to reach this stage with a market capitalization of nearly $ 925 billion.