becomes Invokit, a new SaaS solution for sales management and invoicing

by bold-lichterman

Created in La Rochelle in January 2010 by two serial entrepreneurs, the invoicing and sales management solution changes its name and positioning in response to the demand of its self-employed users, SMEs and large accounts.

MyFacturecom becomes Invokit a new SaaS solution for sales management

Now titled Invokit, a more judicious name in view of its next international development, the service is broadening its scope of action to become, in addition to its original functions, a real management tool for a company in SaaS dimension. The new platform makes it possible to monitor major activity indicators in real time economic activity of the company (turnover, unpaid bills, credits, pending documents) as well as the detailed follow-up of the sending of invoices by email (AR, rate of opening and reading, wrong address…).

MyFacturecom becomes Invokit a new SaaS solution for sales management

With this new solution, each employee can comment, share alerts on a client, a file or a document. All the exchanges are visible in a news feed on the home page like a Facebook timeline. Beyond traditional quotes and invoices, Invokit is now opening up to purchase orders, delivery, credit notes and pro forma invoices with great flexibility in customizing documents.

Frédéric Coulais, President of Invokit: “ This V2, called Invokit, still fulfills these missions but is reinforced with new functionalities to broaden its field of action and allow everyone, not only to manage, but to truly manage the activity of their company ”.The solution is offered at € 9.90 / month for self-employed and micro-businesses (schemes without VAT), at € 19.90 / month for businesses and craftsmen. Additional users will be charged € 5 each per month.

Summary of Invokit features:

  • Simple creation of quotes which, once validated, turn into an invoice
  • Quick invoice sending to the customer via the Invokit account and management of reminders
  • Dashboard for monitoring the company’s economic activity
  • The purchasing management module allows invoices to be stored …

Invokit is present on February 1st and 2nd at Entrepreneurs Fair Paris 2012 (Congress Palace). The opportunity to officially present this new solution on booth 404 and to lead two practical workshops on SaaS for sales management.

The publisher, Easybill, finalized in December 2010 a fundraising of 1 M € fromAlto Invest, manager of a range of FCPI, FIP, and FCPR.