Music streaming: Amazon positions itself against Spotify

by bold-lichterman

Amazon now offers free access, but with advertising, to a selection of songs and various stations to all Internet users, even those without an account on the platform. The American online distribution giant already offered streaming music to subscribers to its Prime service and an even larger catalog to customers of its Amazon Music Unlimited service.

People with a device from the Echo range, connected products activated by the voice assistant Alexa, could also have access to the free option with advertising. The latter is also accessible from Monday -in the United States, Great Britain and Germany- to all users of Apple devices, Android and Fire TV, as well as on the web, detailed Amazon on its blog.

Internet users without a subscription will not be able to access a specific song or album, but various selections based on musical styles or the hits of the moment. This new option allows the American group to compete directly with Spotify, which also offers free or paid subscriptions, and possibly to make new followers to its ecosystem.

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