Mozilla is launching an app store today for all mobile OS?

by bold-lichterman

According to San José Mercury News, Mozilla, the publisher of Firefox is to announce today the “Mozilla Marketplace” a new store of applications intended for both iPhones and smartphones running Android or Windows Phone. Clearly, a new mobile approach, like web apps, which would allow access to a bunch of applications directly from a mobile version of Firefox and therefore under any mobile OS.

Mozilla is launching an app store today for all mobile Mozilla would also be developing a smarphone that would break free from the current closed environments of the market. A prototype could be unveiled very quickly at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona which will open its doors next Monday.

With 450 million users of its browser, Mozilla would therefore like to make its mark on the mobile world, which will quickly outstrip traditional web browsing and at the same time ensure an essential growth driver.

According to our information, Mozilla must communicate this afternoon on this launch.

Update 3:49 p.m. Here is the Mozilla press release

Mozilla opens app gallery accessible to developers at Mobile World Congress

Mozilla-launched web application platform allows developers to build apps
that users can install on multiple devices without having to purchase them multiple times

Mozilla, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the power of the Internet to people around the world, today announced that its Mozilla Marketplace solution will be open to developers at Mobile World Congress. It will allow developers who wish to offer their Web applications there. Built on web technologies such as HTML5 and based on APIs offered by Mozilla, the Mozilla Marketplace gallery will offer developers the ability to build apps that work on all types of devices and platforms. True to Mozilla’s vocation of keeping the web open and ensuring that users remain in control of their online experience, this innovation will allow users to purchase apps. A single purchase will allow them to install their apps on most devices with an Internet connection.

“The Internet is the world’s largest platform. We’re working to make the Web a marketplace where developers can have fun on the world’s biggest playground, ”enthuses Todd Simpson, Director of Innovation at Mozilla. “By creating the missing pieces, Mozilla unleashes the potential of the Internet and makes it a universal platform for creating and consuming content.”

The Mozilla Marketplace solution allows developers to create and distribute applications that run on most devices connected to the Internet and compatible with most operating systems. Mozilla advances the web as a true platform and bridges the technological gap between web and native applications. This solution creates innovative APIs and allows developers to easily regain control of the entire application experience, from development to direct interaction with users, including distribution.

Mozilla’s web application gallery offers content owners, operators and service providers a direct connection to users, who have never been so close. The possibilities for consumer interaction and personalized experiences are absolutely limitless, not to mention the diverse and flexible billing options. In addition, because it allows “write once to deploy everywhere”, the platform will massively reduce the cost of creation, version management and maintenance of applications, while ensuring the existence of a web standardized genuinely open, thus multiplying the possibilities and innovations offered to everyone.

The Mozilla Web Application Gallery will feature the following solutions:

· The Mozilla Marketplace, the first universal application marketplace, regardless of device or operating system used, dedicated to applications based on web technologies, such as HTML5, JavaScript or CSS.

· New APIs proposed by Mozilla transforming the Web into a real platform, which will be submitted to W3C for standardization.

· A new identification system specially designed for the web and guaranteeing users full control of their data, associating applications with their users and not with a specific device or platform.

The Mozilla Marketplace solution will be open to developers, who will be able to offer their web applications, during the Mobile World Congress trade fair to be held next week. It will be available to consumers by the end of the year.