[Mouvement] Antonin Cohen, new Country Manager France of HotelTonight

by bold-lichterman

Passionate about the web from a young age, Antonin Cohen recently joined the teams of HotelTonight app, as Country Manager France. Return on the course of an ultra-connected globetrotter.


Originally from Marseille, Antonin Cohen, now aged 27, joined Edhec in 2004. Passionate about the Internet, he entered this school with the aim of working on a web project, without having a very specific idea in mind. . “With this in mind, I realized all my internships in web-related companies while my classmates were all heading to luxury groups or the banking industry ”.

This passion for new technologies, Antonin has cultivated since the age of 4: “It was then that we had our first computer at home”. In 96, Antonin discovered the Internet and 2 years later he set up his first web page, which he proudly praised in high school.

antonin-cohenAttracted by the world of e-tourism through his own travels, Antonin did a first 6-month internship at Cityvox. In charge of partnerships for online ticketing, he worked alongside Bertrand Bigay and Michel Athenour, the co-founders of the service.

This experience allowed him to weave the beginnings of a network. During his end-of-studies internship, Antonin decided to set up his own company Tocoda, specializing in e-commerce.

Intrigued by the computer language, he opted for a final training by joining a license in web development before finally entering the professional world. “It allowed me to know both the technical and the business side of the ecosystem”.

With this experience, Antonin began his career with a consulting activity in web strategy and social media from July 2009 to last October. He then collaborated with various companies such as chambresapart.fr or even the Austrian guide TripWolf as a freelance Country Manager. Antonin also works a few months with the application teams VeryLastRoom, Marseille start-up competing with HotelTonight. This period is interrupted by a LIFE that Antoninus performs in the United States.

Convinced of the potential of mobile applications, Antonin regularly monitors this market “I think that in the short term the use of mobile applications will take precedence over the use of the PC”. During this watch, Antonin noticed that HotelTonigh was seeking to expand its teams for its international development.

Then begins a series of interviews. “For the record, I had several interviews in parallel with the Google teams for a position in Dublin. The two positive responses arrived on the same day. Faced with this dilemma, Antonin prefers to focus on the challenge over security: “I was more excited at the idea of ​​participating in the development of a start-up rather than occupying a more corporate position”.

Since last October, Antonin has therefore been piloting the French market for HotelTonight from the European headquarters located in London. Its mission is therefore to develop partnerships in France with the best hotels in the target cities. Now present in Paris and Nice, the HotelTonight application should be extended over the next 3 months to Lyon, Marseille and Lille.

Launched in December 2012, the American start-up HotelTonight has developped a mobile application eponymous which allows you to book a hotel at the last minute from your mobile. The start-up announced a few days ago its launch in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Available on iPhone, iPad and Android, the application allows you to book a room for the same evening in a few seconds from a selection of available hotels. The mobile application offers every day, from noon to 2 a.m., three tips for booking a hotel at the last minute.