Morphisec, cybersecurity in preventive mode

by bold-lichterman

Morphisec, a cybersecurity start-up, is based in southern Israel, in Be’er Sheva. The city in the south of the country has become the capital of the fight against cyber-attacks, notably with IBM, which has installed a specialized center there, and the CyberSpark, inaugurated by Benyamin Netanyahu in 2014. Near the Negev desert, the ecosystem there is one of a kind; since the creation of a joint venture between the Israel National Cyber ​​Bureau, body attached to the Prime Minister, the municipality of Be’er Sheva, the Ben Gurion University of this region and “leading companies in cybersecurity», Indicates the CyberSpark site.

For Omri Dotan, Franco-Israeli chief business officer at Morphisec, Israel’s choice to become a leader in cybersecurity is clear. A year after its inception, the company was raising $ 8.5 million. The start-up that has developed a technology of “Moving target defense “, a system of “real-time change of the structure of the internal memory of the computer”, wants to use these assets as a springboard towards the international one. In 2016, to expand, she opened an office in Boston, a stone’s throw from MIT. Accelerated and financed in particular by the JVP fund in Jerusalem, GE Capital, Deutsche Telekom, it seeks to achieve its series B by the summer.

Founders : Ronen Yehoshua, Dudu Mimran

Seat : Be’er Sheva

Creation date : 2014